How It Works

On March 18, include #OR318 as a tag in all of your tweets. Alert people that you’re getting involved by tweeting about the event. Add our Twitter background to your profile.

Write about your commitment to freedom of speech, recognizing the millions of bloggers worldwide risking their lives to express their opinions online.

Change your profile picture to recognize the March 18 Movement, and make all your Facebook activities relevant to freedom of speech on this particular day.

Take a video of you expressing your commitment to freedom of speech and solidarity with persecuted bloggers worldwide. If you upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo, tag it with all three keywords: OR318, March18, free speech.

Take a photo of yourself with a sign that notes that you’re uniting with people worldwide to protect the free speech of bloggers everywhere. Flickr it with the tag “OR318,” Twitpic it by alerting us @OR318, or send it to us. You may do this in any language and with the relevant text of your choice.

Create a graphic or artwork to show your involvement with the event.

This is your day to get creative. Let’s work together to show how many of us want freedom of speech for ourselves and for persecuted bloggers around the world! Be sure to let us know how you got involved.

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